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Issue #1412 resolved

600D AF Patterns aren't quite working.

One Percent
created an issue

So I've been using the AF patterns and noticed something that explains alot after the new zoom on AF point feature was implemented. I usually shoot in this pattern:




At first everything seemed OK but I did notice that the lens would hunt a lot sometimes missing focus completely or bouncing back and forth through the range, etc. Well with the new feature it turns out most of my photos are focusing on #2. It seems as if the middle point is ignored as are the other ones usually. If middle and other points are over the target the lens will hunt or bounce until #2 is positioned. It all looks as if only #2 was selected with manual/individual even though the other dots light up.

Also wish you could turn off focus on AF point during review..... maybe I missed it in the setting somewhere.

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  1. One Percent reporter

    It switches to manual as soon as you try to pick a focus pattern. I switched to the top 3 points and center and while performance improved, every pic focuses on that same AF point.

  2. One Percent reporter

    I need to find a way to reproduce consistenly. The diamond pattern works like the X should have. Ever since I got frustrated and flipped through a bunch of patterns it started behaving differently... like a cross between auto pick and manual. 60D has all cross AF points so maybe thats why you can't reproduce. Should have waited for T4i :)

    The most consistant test for me was airplane on a blue sky. With the X pattern I could focus manually on the plane and when I would go to shoot with AF on it would hunt back and forth through the whole range until that one AF point was also over the plane.

    Also on my table... #2 side would focus even though middle and 1 and 3 were left unfocused. So 2/4 points were winning over 1,3 and middle. All points would flash in unison. With diamond pattern individual points flash on their own when focus is obtained... i.e only middle will flash and you can take the pic or they twinkle as they catch focus and finally all flash when focus is locked.

    Gonna mess with the values and keep testing.

  3. Alex

    Try this: print on the screen the values of afp[0] and afp[1] and try all the combinations from Canon firmware. I believe there is a flag that indicates auto select or manual select or something like this.

  4. One Percent reporter

    I looked into the af point files.

    This is what works.


    This favors TR/BR


    Only difference is order of AFC.

  5. One Percent reporter

    That will be the next step. Just need to write or copy something that will do it. Would it be better to go to a file? Maybe I can change audio_reg_dump_600D() to do it. They are both arrays of register values. Would the console work for this too?

  6. 600dplus

    Those are values for afp[0] in manual

          800    1000
     8000    100       1
          2000   4000

    auto is: 1ff01

    groups are sum of single points (example X is 7900, 3 central oriental 8101...)

    afp[0] is always:ff000000

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