High Res Silent Pic + 3x Zoom Sometimes Causes Err 70

Issue #1420 resolved
One Percent created an issue

I was taking high res silent pics, left zoom on 3x not thinking it would just jump to 5x. Pic finished and then camera crashed and dropped logs. Funny thing is logs keep creating an ML folder so I had like 5 ML folders on the card and had to scandisk to fix it.

I was able to reproduce... not super consistently but it happens often enough.

ASSERT: 0 at Evf\EvfState.c:1190, task Evf lv:1 mode:20

Magic Lantern version : 2012Jul03.600D102.user.6330760af7a0 Mercurial changeset : 6330760af7a0+ (unified) tip Built on 2012-07-03 16:59:58 by user@D610. Free Memory : 334K + 1455K

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  1. scrax

    I had too that "strange" ML folder that after deleted on computer will return, after a lot of renaming and deleting it went away.

  2. scrax

    I don't know if it's related but I just had a err70 problem when recording in 3x mode, i can reproduce it any time I move focus point up till the end of the display, it can never reach the edge, some pixel before it will err70.

  3. One Percent reporter

    I could not reproduce with recording in 3x. My zoom box won't go much outside the red not recording square and won't move while recording.

  4. scrax

    MF is involved, in AF i can't reproduce it. trying other settings now...

    With the cross meter cropmark can move the spot meter (at 1080i) to the 7th bar from top, in AF, 8th bar in MF, REC or STBY don't change at 3x i can't move it in stby but once in rec it can be moved and if MF will give the err70 when moved up also just once. when moved left or right it will move diagonally to the top and the some press it will ree70 when moved down it will move only for one bar down. after moving it down it will accept to be moved up once (and it will move 4 bar up), with a second press up-arrow, again err70.

    I think that canon in 3x mode disables the 5x-10x zoom function and so there is nothing to move there. during test I had a lock-up for full card, battery pull needed... Enabling or disabling spot meter or hide zoom box is the same

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