Lock aperture blades to prevent flicker in timelapse

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Phil Hart created an issue

In between exposures, DSLRs open up the aperture blades and then close them again for the next exposure. This is presumably to allow autofocus and metering in between but leads to aperture flicker in timelapse video and consequently the 'fix' of twisting the lens off the electrical contacts. It happens even if you keep the Depth of Field preview button held down constantly.

If the camera is set to manual exposure and manual focus (so there is no need to meter or focus), could the camera be forced to leave the aperture blades in their stopped down position between exposures so that aperture flicker does not occur?

Ideally, you would still be able to change the aperture setting occasionally and have the camera adjust to match, but if the aperture setting is the same as previous exposure then leave the aperture blades at their set position.

This would allow Bulb Ramping with a series of aperture changes as needed through twilight but no aperture flicker during each set of exposures where the aperture setting is not changing. Possible?

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  1. Phil Hart reporter

    If you're trying to do a long timelapse sequence through twilight, unscrewing the lens every five minutes for each new desired aperture setting is not practical.. and also hard not to bump camera. If it were possible to stop the aperture blades resetting with each exposure, then long twilight sequences with changes in aperture as required might be possible without flicker.

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