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I think these shortcuts are super duper AWESOME, but, there is always a but... I would love to be able to select every one of the items separately. I see the logic in keeping exposure settings in the same place, and pairing similar settings, but I find that I want to use very different settings at the same time. E.g. I never want to adjust shutter and aperture at the same time. Also kelvin is something that I set before shooting, so pairing it with a busy setting like ISO does not make sense to me.

My request is then to have all items individually selectable. E.g. iso and screen brightness, aperture and audio.

Ps. I know I have suggested this before, but I got no answer ( https://bitbucket.org/hudson/magic-lantern/issue/1157/500d-covering-screen-sensor ). Additionally, if you could bring back lcd screen brightness adjustment in menus by covering the screen sensor, that would also be terrific. I miss it a LOT.

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  1. One Percent

    I'd like to pick and chose too but I don't think there are enough arrow keys for that.

    Maybe use 1 pair to adjust and another pair to flip through the different ones. Like up down sets AV and then left right moves to next item as configured. Dunno if that would really help usability, I just find switching the screens with disp lousy.

  2. C2S07

    Looking forward to this as well, customizable pairs (and set button?) would be excellent. Perhaps in the future we'll be able to assign any ML menu setting to a desired arrow key and pair of keys.

    Meanwhile, I would make the following changes (just my personal preference):

    • Swap ISO with Tv, so that the pairs would become "Av+ISO" and "Tv+Kelvin"
    • Change the Av+ISO set button to toggle "Exposure override" on/off
    • Display related shortcuts: swap "display saturation" with "FPS override value +/-", and change the set button to toggle "FPS override" on/off - great for a quickly adjustable night vision in photo mode

    One Percent's suggestion gives me an idea: perhaps the Disp button could cycle the shortcut keys, while the proximity sensor cycled the display presets instead?

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