Focus stacking collides with built in AF on EOS1100D1.05

Issue #1427 resolved
Former user created an issue

When I try to do a focus stacking series the camera makes the next focus step and then, before it takes the picture the built in AF kicks in. So I always get a series with one focus setting and no focus stacking:(.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Unfortunately there's no way to change the focus button to* on the 1100d. Only a way to lock focus with * and that doesn't do the trick. If I lock focus that way it still Afocuses after the first picture, without that it Afocuses after every picture. Using the play button to start focus stacking also didn't keep the camera from AFing. The end of the sequence is always a focus stack error. A CPUusage log is here in case it is useful : Thanks to the devs

  2. Giovanni Nanomad Condello

    Well, ML was reading the wrong Cfn on the 1100D. The issue is now fixed, at least on my 1100D

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