500d ERR70 when opening submenu during record

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ats1995 created an issue

Navigating in the menus works well during recording apart from this. Two seconds after opening the submenu, ML say: "Crash detected - ....." This happens in all submenus, not only the ones affecting liveview or recording, but also Shooting, Config file... etc.

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  1. ats1995 reporter

    Neither of those two does the trick, it still cashes after a couple of seconds after opening submenus. Log file included.

  2. Alex

    Okay, I'll ask kyselejsyrecek - debugging this kind of stuff is much faster with someone who can compile the source code.

  3. Alex

    The other 500D testers narrowed it down to the submenu rectangles (though it's very unlikely that drawing a rectangle could cause err70, so it must be a coincidence and the real cause is somewhere else).

    Just to confirm - does this one crash?

  4. ats1995 reporter

    Yep, it crashes. I noticed right now that a bit after ML says that that a crash has occurred, the submenu disappeared. Another thing is that sometimes a battery-pull is needed (not sure when), while other times not. With this one there is no need to pull the battery if I wait until the red light is off to switch the camera off.

  5. ats1995 reporter
    1. 24: Crash
    1. 25: Crash. When I started this test, the screen showed some weirdness. It some of previous graphics where still visible! But after a half minute or so turned off, it was gone. This has happened before. Freaked me out at first.
    1. 26: Not able to crash by opening submenus. BUT when trying to record a second clip, I get consistent err70 when opening submenus, by either opening during first or second clip. Bottom line: not usable.
    1. 27: No crashes yet!
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