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Gershberg created an issue

hi! while headphone monitoring while recording is VERY useful, is there an option to route the playback sound to the headphones (USB-AV out) as well? TnX

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  1. Gershberg reporter

    nop. while no external monitor connected playback sound comes from internal speaker (unusable). when external HDMI monitor connected playback sound comes from the monitor (better, but have to replug the headphones from camera to monitor). "Monitoring-USB" is ON

    60D built 2011.12.22

  2. Gershberg reporter
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    more experiments show that "Headphone Mon." (ex-Monitoring-USB) has no effect at all. no matter is it ON or OFF standby and recording sound is routed to the headphones, playback comes from the internal speaker and external SD monitor getting no video signal. cables are ok - checked with my 7D. any ideas?

  3. Alex

    On my 60D, playback gets routed through headphones - I've tried with the A/V cable. No idea why is not working for you.

  4. Gershberg reporter

    sounds like a specific body issue, will try on another one soon. thank you for your time!

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