Silent Picture Positioning

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Marius Rumpf created an issue

When taking pictures with Intervalometer (5 seconds) and Silent Picture turned on at 3x4 I had trouble with the final pictures. The positioning of the snippets doesn't fit there are horizontal lines in the picture. For details have a look at the attached images. The problem appears in every image from that series.

18-55mm Kit Lens, Magic Lantern v2.3 RC1.2012Jul10

Converted with 422-jpg-v2.exe on Windows 7 x32

Bulb Focus Ramping (Sunrise) turned on

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  1. Alex

    Can you try to take a silent pic indoors? (with no clouds moving).

    Bulb ramping with silent pics makes no sense IMO.

  2. Marius Rumpf reporter

    Tried it today without bulb ramping and on a still object and problem didn't occur again. The problem seems to be the timeout between the captures of the single frames. Clouds where to fast.

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