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Issue #1435 resolved

ERR70 (log attached) during quick stability test with HDMI monitor

created an issue

this happened with external HDMI monitor attached. monitor is coollcd HD2. without monitor the test completed OK.

BTW I'm running a test of external v-mount power system and camera being in STBY restarts constantly every 30min (auto power off is OFF, no power saving). is it supposed to be so?

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  1. Alex

    Did you get any logs under ML/LOGS directory?

    With monitor, I've ran stability test on 5D2 (with force HDMI-VGA enabled), but on 60D I didn't try yet.

  2. Alex
    • changed status to open

    Confirmed, err70 when testing cropmarks, error was:

    ASSERT: FALSE at Memory\Memory.c:188, task menu_redraw_task lv:0 mode:20

  3. Alex

    The 60D has the lowest amount of available memory, of all cameras. So, the fix would be to remove some features, but what?

    Did you experience crashes during normal operation, or just during stress test?

  4. Gershberg reporter

    debug task m=4%

    RC1 wasn't yet seriously field tested - will do next week. playing around for 1-2 hours - no crashes yet. Xmas was crashing once-twice a day (8-10 shooting hours) with ERR80.

  5. Alex

    That's good. RC2 has some small fixes, I did some field testing on 5D2 with roughly 1000 pictures and a few movies before posting each one of them and they worked very well. In any case, way better than Xmas.

  6. Gershberg reporter

    BTW may be it's possible to add an option to override "cannot communicate with battery" message. this would save some seconds when working with external power source. another battery icon could be use to tell that camera is not actually knows the battery level.

  7. Gershberg reporter

    can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e53PrMbpGmI at 0:35 this happens with not chipped batteries and non-Canon external power sources.

    there are 2 options: Cancel or OK. if Cancel - camera will turn off, if OK camera turns on and will remember the answer until the power source is took out.

    PS if extenal HDMI monitor with zoom option is connected (full screen view) Cancel and OK are out of the frame, wich could add frustration on a busy set ;-)

  8. Alex

    The remembering feature makes things difficult - but, if you press RIGHT a few times, does it stay on OK or it cycles between OK/CANCEL?

    If it stays on OK, ML could just "press" RIGHT regardless of default selection (which is hard to read).

  9. Alex


    On-topic: free memory at the moment of crashing is between 1083K and 1204K. A cropmark has less than 20K. What's going on?!

  10. Alex

    I think I've narrowed it down to scrollwheel support in ML menu. Which means, almost impossible to fix without disabling this feature.

  11. Alex

    Preliminary analysis: calling this too often (at the rate from built-in stress tests) will cause memory fragmentation; calling this every 300 ms is perfectly safe.

    Preliminary conclusion: the stress test was too aggressive, this problem does not affect normal usage in any way.

  12. Alex

    Conclusion confirmed - I've called SetGUIRequestMode twice per second for 15 minutes, no memory issues, and recording was not affected.

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