600d .fir dosn't work

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Hey there,

at first sorry for my english. Today I tryed to install Magic Lantern on my 600d. I followed straight the instructions, but I think the firmware-update dosn't work on my camera for some reason.

When I click on the firmware the camera asks if I really want to update, and when I click "yes", the camera seems to load some data from the sd-card. This thing is done under a second, and there is no screen like "Done" or something before it turn off.

I hope you guys have a solution for me so bad. Thank you.


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  1. One Percent

    Make sure you have the right fir for your version. There are 2 slightly different firmwares for 600d.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    A long time. But I have spotted the problem. I tryed to update the latest version (22 dec 2011)

    There is now a new problem since I use the newest release. If I want to update the firmware, the sd-card led blink continiously. In the manual they say you can fix the problem with flashing the 1.0.1 again, even if you have the 1.0.1, but there is only the 1.0.2 update on the canon page.

    Does anyone know where I can find the 1.0.1? Or does anyone think that this won't solve my problem?

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