600d won't boot with 16gb class 10

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Hi Everybody. Here i got 600D with 1.0.1 firmware, i tried to update to 1.0.1 even i got the right firmware to use ML but unfortunately my ML only boot once when the camera show green success screen i turn off n turn on it boot but after the display is turn off (sleep mode) when i press half shutter it wont wake up as what it should be.

after wont woke up i try to turn off and turn on again but nothing happen no LED blinking or any, nothing. the only way is pull out the battery and re insert, but everytime it off (both auto off or i switch off) for more than 30 sec it will not boot.

i tried with other smaller and slower card such as 2gb class4 it boot flawlessly. i tried to boot without ML it's boot flawlessly also, i tried to activate with eos-tool still no change, bootcf.exe also nothing happened. any solution even i read the installation manual many time still can't make it work.

it's not bricking my cam but i can't use ML when i need it, everytime i want to use i must replace the battery, really annoying. Thanks.

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  1. Max UNGER

    Same problem here : ML Xmas version installed without any problem on 600D with SDHC Class4. I've just bought new SDHC Class10, at upgrading the firmware with ML 2.3 this time, i have the first screen saying Loading... ...then the screen is totally black with red bottom right light blinking slowly. I left it less than 1 minute like this, then i removed the battery, as it seemed too long for an update. Tried on another SDHC Class10 card : exact same problem....

    Any clue please ?

    Thank you very much

  2. Max UNGER

    Problem came for me to upgrade 600D firmware from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2 first, which is very not clear on ML wiki page, becasue it has a link to ML 2.3 (latest stable) and says to have firmware 1.0.1 on device....

  3. scrax

    xmas version (2.2) supports firmware 1.0.1 on 600D, 2.3 support 1.0.2 and will be downloadable for free on 13 august, actually it's available for donors and contributors, so if you donated register yourself on the forum www.magiclantern.fm and send a pm to b4rt

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