Footage not recorded for 3 mins before battery died

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David Payne created an issue

Hi this is the second time this has happened to me and it's lead me away from using ML altogether.

I recorded a 5 minute speech and I remember my battery died towards the end. I quickly replaced it and saw the flickering on screen (but was assured in the past this is normal) so I took note to remember what was being said at that point, to make sure it was recorded. This part of the speech WAS recorded, however the 4 minutes previous to the battery failing was NOT recorded to the card. Clip MVI_2502 was 30 seconds, clip MVI_2503 was 30 seconds and there was 4 mins missing in between them. I am 100% sure the camera was recording (I use the red cross out to ensure I don't make a mistake)

I used a 400x Transcend 32GB card which I have since had to format but I made a copy of all of the files on the card in case you need me to do anything to check the cause.

It seems this only happens to me, but has happened twice in a year now and when filming weddings, it can't ever happen so I've decided not to use ML any more, however if a reason for this can be given and I can avoid it in future I'd really love to use this otherwise fantastic software again.

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  1. David Payne reporter

    just to avoid having this conversation in 2 places I've just had this direct message from A1ex, thank you for that.

    ------- Do you use the rec/standby notification? During those moments it's easy to think you are recording when you are not.

    Also, do you use a Canon battery or third party? Some cheap batteries die before the camera has a chance to close the last file and finish recording cleanly. Also I think this happens if you open the battery door without turning off the camera.

    When I setup something wrong in ML (with debug tools), I turn off the camera by opening the battery door, because I know it won't save the settings. So be careful with that. ----------

    In reply.. this was the one occasion where I didn't have time to switch the third party battery for the canon one like I usually would for speeches. The file that was cut short was 8 mins long (I started recording well before the speech started) so I wonder if had something to do with not having time to write the whole file to card when the battery died as it would have been 4GB in size, would that have made a difference?

    Memory card wasn't changed so I don't think it's that but I'll certainly be careful with that in future also.

  2. Alex

    Are you sure it's something caused by ML? I don't think so.

    Just replace the battery when it's blinking red.

  3. David Payne reporter

    certainly never had it happen on the canon firmware, but had it 2 or 3 times now when using ML. If nobody else has had it then I guess it's just down to the battery dying and the file not being written to the card in time, regardless of whether it's canon firmware or ML

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