Crash logs - 550d - liveview

Issue #1459 invalid
Mike Almond created an issue

Hi, I'm not too sure what I did to trigger this, and unfortunately I can't seem to reproduce it right now.

A crash message popped up in live-view, and I had to take out the battery to reset the device (there was a constant red (sdcard) light after turning the power off)

5 crash log files attached - they were all created at the same time and just seem to show the free memory decreasing. The first log message is also below:

ASSERT: 0 at KernelDry\KerSem.c:340, task LiveViewMgr lv:1 mode:20

Magic Lantern version : v2.3.550D.109 Mercurial changeset : 7fee07c3b461+ (unified) tip Built on 2012-07-23 16:06:27 by alex@thinkpad. Free Memory : 305K + 1604K

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