ML not showing (or hearing) left channel on EXT setting

Issue #147 resolved
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So, my output from the Juice box is all good (L goes to L, R goes to Right), I check this by headphones plugged into the output jack on the box (with a Bostaroo).

And my camera (running ML) when set to INT it shows levels on the L and R channel when I rub the on-camera mic (and I can hear both channels when I hook up the A/V jack to a mixer with stereo split).

But when the ML is set to EXT, I only see the Right channel meter bouncing, even when the input on the Juice box is set to center.

Anyone have this issue?

This happens with the stereo-to-stereo 1/8in cable that came with the Juice box as well as a replacement cable from Radio Shack.... ML is not seeing the L channel on the stereo cable sending signal to the mic input on the camera.

Help!? :-)

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