No greenscreen during 7d install

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hi everybody, I'm trying to install ML on a 7d.

I updated the firmware and did the previous operations. But when I launch the update to ML, there is a sensor cleaning, and nothing then. No greenscreen.

Then, when I enter the camera mode ML seems to work perfectly, but after I shut the 7d off, Ml is no more available, and I have to do the update again to get it back.

Do somebody knows what is the problem? Why the install is not complete (no greenscreen)?

Thank you

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  1. CCCCC

    I am having the exact same problem, I'm so frustrated at this point I wanna cry. I have read everything available on the site, including release notes, and followed the one direct link I found to Canon firmware 2.0.3 before doing anything with the ML downloaded zip folder. Then I followed the ML instructions, copying to the card, and installing as new firmware in the camera, but I never saw the green screen at all. To see the ML screen I have to reload the firmware every time to make something show up when I go to the trashcan button. But if the camera times out, doesn't even have to be turned off completely, then that ML screen is gone. I have to reload the firmware again from the card still in the camera. I just don't understand what I did wrong. I even tried to start from very square one and reload the whole Canon firmware, and then ML, with card formatted at every step along the way .. but no luck :( ... the only thing I can assume is the wrong Canon subversion but I have no idea how to check that.. please help

  2. ats1995

    Not 100% sure, but a while ago when the ML 7d was new, developers didn't want to modify the camera. That meant that the bootflag needed to autoboot ML was not set. I guess it's still that way. As a1ex said: Read the release notes.

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