500d Live view set button to Canon settings not working

Issue #1482 resolved
ats1995 created an issue

Nightly build of 27. oct

While in live view, the 500d can usually go to settings like white balance, picture style, and focus mode. With this build pressing set button only move the focus box a bit to the side of the center of the screen (by the side of the spot meter). By the lack of smoothness on the box's movement I guess it's a bug. I hope it's not intentionally and miss this stock canon feature.

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  1. ats1995 reporter

    Hm, don't know if I like that. To me it is a bit crippled now. I used to change the picture style quickly to one with a very contrasty and saturated pic style with the canon settings menu thing to see if my WB was correct. And now I cant..

    Idea: when changing the kelvin in live view, the contrast and saturation could be raised a lot to make it easier to judge if the WB was correct.

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