rec monitor / playback glitches

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Gershberg created an issue

sorry if this was discussed before, couldn't find. 2 day ago took the 60D to the production work 1st time since 2.3 upgrade. noticed visible half-second freezes while recording/playback. the files are NOT affected - playback on PC was smooth (what a reliefe :-)


used 4 different cards (c6-U1, same ver. of ML and config)

tried CRB 1.2 - 1.0

tried disabling global draw

tried low level format -> restoring ML

tried clean SD (no ML) - NO glitches

all test were done with the same 4min file.

glitches are pretty consistent. about every 3 sec for a half of second. any ideas?

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  1. Gershberg reporter

    well, bitrate test was somehow incorrect. I put different previously recorded files with different bitrates on the same card and the higher bitrate the more glitches I see on playback. X1.3 CBR even causes playback to stop. X1 runs smoothly. the test card is Transcend 32GB Class10 (LowLevel formatted before the last test).

    my usual bitrate setting is X1.2 (since available in ML) so I'm almost absolutely positive there were no glitches before 1.1.1 / 2.3 update.

  2. Gershberg reporter

    well, i feel real stupid now. took vanilla 60D body from a friend and played back same files. guess what. same glitches. but i can swear there were no glitches before. have you ever heart about any in-camera playback problems with bitrates higher then X1?

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