Bulb time indication impossible to count, beeps

Issue #1494 resolved
ats1995 created an issue

2012Nov18 nightly build:

I love the time indication with 1 beep after 1 minute, 2 beeps after 2 min, and so on. But when it goes beyond 5 beeps it's really hard to count. A half second or so between the beeps would be very nice.

Another issue I noticed was that the timer is slightly off. I used my phone at the first shot and the times didn't match. I believe that after 5 minutes and 20 second the camera beeped 5 times. More accurate measurements can be provided if needed.

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  1. scrax

    I have no clue if timing can be fixed but keep present how much is +20" in a 5' exposure? 1/15 of a fstop? Since human eyes can see no more than 1/3 fstop difference is it really a problem?

  2. ats1995 reporter

    The exposure difference doesn't bother me, but I find it inconvenient that it's harder to time the shots. I also find it a bit unprofessional to have such a basic issue.

    The beeps are more of an issue for me. The timer issue is a side note on a minor issue, so it's not meant to be top priority. It's just perfection :D

  3. Alex

    Is the timing issue present with intervalometer too?

    ( I'm too lazy to charge the 500D battery right now :P )

  4. Alex

    I think I've found the issue - if it's what I think, you should have got the 5-minute beep after 5 minutes and 14 seconds.

  5. ats1995 reporter

    Very likely. I have an image that I set the bulb timer to expose for 10 minutes, but it is actually exposed for 630 seconds.

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