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Having had Magic Latern installed on my 550d for some time, I have now have problems using my camera.

The LCD & LED read/write light no longer functions when an sd card has been inserted into the camera (formatted and made as a boot disk with ML). We have also tried with different cards but to no avail.

Once the card has been removed and the battery re-inserted, the LCD comes back again.

Please help!



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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Hi a1ex,

    Just to say we've tried the following things:

    Formatted the card with various file system types and re-copied the ML software onto the card. We've also used the EOSCARD bootdisk utility to get the camera working.

    My camera was working fine with magic latern up until August. Now everytime I plug an assortment of sd cards no LCD and LED. Only until you remove the battery and the card and re-insert the battery only, does the camera become operational, but of course, with no card to save pictures to.

    We also spent some time on various blogs and consulted the troubleshooting guide to try to understand whats going on and whether the boot flag can be reversed in order to restore the camera, I'm guessing this is likely to be the problem.

    Apologies for the rocky start, I'm just at my wit's end with this.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    In windows 7, we did do a clean format (using FAT32 and exFat formats). We also used a 5D to format the card, each time remove the battery without the Magic Latern software as a test but still nothing.

  3. Alex

    Maybe it's worth checking the card slot for bent pins or something. I had a problem when camera didn't start without card (but it was OK with a card inside). After blowing compressed air inside, the problem went away.

    When it doesn't boot, the viewfinder and autofocus are still working, no?

    You can try clearing the camera settings, but I doubt it's related.

  4. Former user Account Deleted

    Hi A1ex,

    Thanks for getting back to me. I'll try the compressed air thing.

    Yeah the autofocus and viewfinder are working (heads up displays even works) but no LCD or LED.

    Let you know how I get on.


  5. Andy Iv

    Hi edcar, guys,

    The same issue here! Some day I installed the ML v0.2.1. Several times I used my SDHC-32Gig out of a camera - moved files from a laptop to a PC, and finally my 550D started to boot without LCD/menu etc.

    • 100% the same case as you described above.

    Fortunately I had several of SD & SDHC cards and started to play. I took the SDHC from my smartphone, prepaired (Formatted@W7, quick format, etc, EOScard.exe, BOOTDISK) and placed ML v2.3 files on it - no success.

    When I tried the older ML version from 11.11.11 - the camera booted up ok. Now it's able to boot with an ML card or with a clean SD/SDHC card. (I was happy).

    I changed a firmware back to the original and again back to the ML v2.3. But I couldn't manage to boot the camera normally with the old SDHC-32(!) The card was physically formatted several times, etc - no any result.

    My 550D refuses to work with that particular card!

    Edcar, try to change the memory card.

  6. Former user Account Deleted

    Hi Andy

    Thanks for getting for mailing!!!

    Do you have access to the older ML version 11.11.11?



  7. T Bone

    I have this same problem and think this should not be labeled Invalid as its clearly an issue affecting a few of us, which is not solved by a simple reformat. I have reformatted card, boot enabled, reinstalled Magic lantern on to cards (latest and 11.11.11) and still have the same issue. Camera boots only without card in it. I have 4 SDHC cards and none are working.

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