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5D MKii video display stretches when recording

Joseph Vargas
created an issue

I am using ML 2.3 on my Canon 5D MKII with 2.1.2 firmware.

I am having 2 problems.

When I am not recording, but am in liveview, the integral LCD or an external monitor connected via HDMI displays the video perfectly.

But when I record, the video stretches significantly. When I stop recording and playback the video, the display is fine.

Also when using an external monitor, the monitor turns off frequently for no reason and when the monitor turns off, the camera stops recording.

The monitor is a Marshal that is battery powered. There is no setting on the monitor to automatically shut off after a set time. Also, the battery indicator shows that the battery has plenty of charge. Finally, the HDMO cable does not appear to be loose.

Thanks for any help and for developing an indispensible tool

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