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60D Live View AF not working.

Patrick Carroll
created an issue

When in Live View the autofocus will not work in any mode. I turn LV off and the AF will work just fine in any mode. I unloaded the ML Program and reloaded it. AF no works again but only for a few minutes of screwing arround. The Software also seems to make the camera run very slow and the refresh of the LCD screen is very chopy. This isn't a big deal considering the extra processes being made is probably causing this. I just want to be able to use my AF.

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  1. Giovanni C

    If the refresh rate of the LCD is very slow it means you have something enabled in ML that makes it do so, maybe a slow focus peaking mode or false colors. Try deleting the ML MAGIC.CFG file inside the ML/SETTINGS folder on your card and see if it's solved (it restores ML to the default settings)

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