ML 2.3 & D5MkIII

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Henry LAUCOURNET created an issue

I Installed magiclantern-5D3.113.Alpha3 with the firmware 1.1.3. It didn't show me the success green screen but ML works with the card but when I turn off and on I have to do the firmware update again to have ML installed. What can I do to to have ML installed definitively when I put my camera on whithout having to reinstall again? Thanks by advance and for your very good work

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  1. ats1995

    Since it's an alpha auto-booting is not enabled. I believe this is because the development is in an early stage and the developers do not want to risk the cameras more than necessary. So, if I'm right, no permanent changes are made by alphas to the cameras.

    Unless you can enable autoboot on startup yourself, there is not much you can do except for reporting bugs, helping to improve ML, or making donations to keep the wheels going.

  2. Georg Hofstetter

    thats the point. this is also explained in the forum thread where you downloaded the alpha.

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