Canon EOS 60D, EV when Auto ISO impossible, counter in rear screen while shooting

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Nick Maverick created an issue

Well, I apologize if this is the wrong place for requesting new features. I can't get to find the proper one, still while I am here I can describe two of the most missing features, the one is for all Canon cameras, the other really a downgrade from my EOS 450D.

a) Set Shooting style to M, set ISO to Auto ISO, set aperture to e.g. f8 and Shutter speed to e.g. 1/200. THERE'S NO WAY to over/under expose (setting EV to - or +), only bracketing is possible. Nikon cameras can do this! Can this be done via a ML setting?

b) There's an LCD diplay on top of the camera that lights on when pressing the light button next to it. When taking long exposures in Bulb mode you can't make out what the LCD panel says unless you light it with other means (if you don't want to move the camera at all). In EOS 450D the meter was showing in the rear screen. Can this be done for 60D?

Sorry for the intrusion here, if these cannot (or won't) be fixed here and somebody knows the proper place to post the requests, please do so.

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  1. Stelios K

    lock the f and the speed and play with autoISO, i don't see why is not possible. camera metering should calculate only the iso value instead of the iso and the shutter.

    set minimum shutter speed is a cool feature too.

    I'm having some difficulties with the bulb setting as well the timer is displayed for some seconds then disappear on my 600D

  2. Alex

    1) If you know how to implement it, be my guest. I don't know.

    2) Maybe, but I don't see much point; with ML the display turns off on Rebel cameras too, and you hear some beeps that tell you the same info, without adding light pollution.

    3) Critical issue?!

  3. Nick Maverick reporter

    1) If I knew how to implement it I wouldn't ask, would I? So spare me the irony. Everybody can be rude, you know...

    2) You don't see much point... Ok you can set the rebel to beep... As I said We can light the panel with another lighting source. But I asked if the rear screen can be used as mentioned. I know there are other ways.

    3) Very critical... Both of them! Have you tried shooting at the dark? How can you find the exact amount of time to expose, not with beeps of course...It's somehow not so useful. Have you ever been to a car racing (e.g. WRC), you don't have the time to fiddle or carefully select all parameters used (ISO, shutter speed, aperture), but you need a safety net in which everything can be variable, beginning with a constant shutter speed... We photographers can find many uses...

    4) If money is an issue, please state so...

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