5Dc: ML fir not loading

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Phillip Ferreira created an issue

I downladed the latest zip file and unziped directly to memory card - previously formated in the camera - inserted in the computer's card reading slot. Everything goes well, and I eject the card thru the pc interface. Then move to place the card in the camera, as per instructions, power on, and go to firmware menu, proceeding for update. The software seems to be runing, and I get a blue blinking light...and that's it. The camera remains as dead, no mater what I do. Only way to end/stop the blinking light, is to remove the battery. Then uppon powering up, the interface is back to Canon, with no signs of ML.. Back again to firmware upgrade menu, still says I have version V.1.1.1 What am I doing wrong? Thanks

Phillip Ferreira

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  1. Giovanni Nanomad Condello


    You didn't mention the size of your card, so I'm doing this blindly...

    Could you try with:

    • A freshly low-level formatted card (in windows, uncheck quick format)

    • Another card

    • Another card reader

    • Another PC

    Thanks for your cooperation

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