T2i drains battery even when in OFF state

Issue #1519 on hold
Chirag Saraswati created an issue

I recently noticed my battery draining too frequently so I just happened to be looking at my Canon T2i With magic lantern (Magic Lantern v2.3.550D.109) when it was off, when the freakiest thing happened... the red light/activity indicator blinked. I double checked, and the the camera was in off mode. I love ML and the the space it opens up, please help me fix this so I can get back to using the T2i Beyond it's full potential, or atleast using it anyways.

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  1. Chirag Saraswati reporter

    I haven't the slightest clue. I tried Formatting the card, I left the camera with a card formatted to remove ML, but the problem persists. How do I narrow down what is causing this?

  2. Chirag Saraswati reporter

    (Reply via csch...@gmail.com):

    This problem is occurring since I upgraded the Firmware. Is there a way I can roll back to the original?

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