only one card with ML working (550D)

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I have installed ML on first sd card and its working fine, cards where ML wasn't installed are also warking fine. But when I install ML on another card (exactly following guide - both ways: with EOScard or by updating firmware), camera is not booting. Sometimes when i boot camera from working (ML card or nonML card) and remove card without turning it off, reinserting of not working ML card, camera works fine until its turned off. But it happens only about 1 of 100 attempts. Sad thing is, when i uninstall ML from that card by EOScard or (if camera rarely allows it) by formating it and uninstalling it from camera, the card remains unusable. I tried already 4 different cards and always after install of ML, card is not booting. After uninstall card is also not booting :( Only the first time installed card is working nice..

I would be very greatful for any advice. thank you

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