500d crash when opening ML menu during record

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ats1995 created an issue

Nightly 2013-05-19: Whenever I open ML menu during recording , I get err70. I can provide video or config file if needed at Friday. ML also saves a log file.

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  1. ats1995 reporter

    I guess it will stop it from occurring, since the error message says something about the sound device or something.

    Old bug? Yes, at least from my perspective.

  2. ats1995 reporter

    With sound disabled it's not crashing, as the old bug. The issue is still present in the 2013-06-13 nightly build.

  3. ats1995 reporter

    In the nightly of 9. july 2013 it's still present. I also get consistant crashes by switching LV Display Presets. When sound is disabled I don't get any crashes.

  4. Alex

    I've explained it many times: it's a Canon bug and there's nothing I can do for fixing it completely. Only workarounds like slowing down graphics code.

    The "solution" is to insert asm("nop") in drawing loops until the error disappears. The harder part is to figure out which drawing code has to be slowed down. This is trial and error and takes a lot of time.

    And then the bug will appear again sooner or later.

    No other cameras has this bug. To check it, simply draw random pixels on the screen and you'll get err70. Don't load any other ML code.

  5. ats1995 reporter

    ah, ok. then i guess it's only prioritized to fix before official builds. thanks a lot, I'll try not to forget..

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