Switching between modes crashes camera - 700D

Issue #1559 resolved
sc1ence created an issue

Switching to LV and back to Viewfinder makes Camera unusable, (-> LV button without function, shooting results in "Err" flashing in Viewfinder) Switching between Movie and Photo mode somtimes crashes Camera completely, can't be turned back on (only taking the battery out fixes that)

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  1. sc1ence reporter

    Stub tests don't finish, at the end the mirror goes up (Viewfinder mode) Camera is completely useable after the tests though. (switching from VF to LV works fine) TEST.DAT remains on SD Card. Log: http://pastebin.com/SjAZViry autoexec.bin built from this repo! The stub tests i did yesterday with my repo (without the merge and new commits) did succeed (http://pastebin.com/PkRTGsuV)

  2. Alex

    Hm, strange that dialog signature is not consistent.

    Besides feature disabling, you can also block certain tasks in boot-hack.c (there's a list where they are identified by name).

  3. sc1ence reporter

    Correction: Err ONLY happens when taking a picture in LV and then switching to viewfinder. If you don't shoot, switching between LV and VF works just fine EDIT2: Shooting with VF crashes camera everytime.

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