Number of focus stacking pictures greater than 15

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rgieseke created an issue

The number of possible shots is currently limited to 15, allowing greater values causes the camera to hang. This is probably the reason for not allowing greater values, but I thought I put my observations here as it might help others.

I investigated using the Magic Lantern for a research project where we would like to take 100 or 200 shots over the entire focus range of the lens. I managed to compile the firmware version 0.1.6 and changed the 15 picture limit. The camera would hang after ~~17 shots requiring removing the battery. I experimented with longer delays of up to 10000 ms between taking a picture and focussing the lens in focus.c:

{{{ lens_take_picture( 2000 ); msleep(10000); // added if( count-1 == i ) break; lens_focus( 0xD, step ); msleep(10000); // added lens_focus_wait(); msleep( 50 ); }}} This did not prevent the hanging.

Removing the return command to the starting position to be able to do semi-manually more than 15 pictures {{{ // Restore to the starting focus position //lens_focus( 0, -step * (count-1) ); //removed }}}

caused the camera to hang in the second run, again after ~~17 shots in total.

Thanks for your work on this awesome project!

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  1. PatWall

    Hello there, I am having some issues using the focus stack as well and have had no luck sorting them out. I only have 5 shots being taken and my stack only seems to go one way ever (out), and my shots seem to finish before the range is complete so my extreme endpoint is always out of focus. I have no idea how to write or compile but I do love using ML. Is there any way you can help me to get the 15 shots you are getting and is it possible that you have encountered the same issues that I am having and may be able to advise me? thank you very much, Pat

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