Canon 650D/Rebel T4i Old Firmware (1.0.1)

Issue #1567 wontfix
John F created an issue

Hi guys,

I just found out about Magic Bullet a few hours ago...and I mistook one of the steps to update my firmware to the new 1.0.4. I looked far and wide over the net but couldn't find the old one and I heard that some canon cameras have the ability to 'downgrade' their firmware by installing the old one. Not sure if the 650D has this option but i'm just gonna ask.

Does anyone happen to have the old Firmware 1.0.1 file available for download? I don't mind waiting for the ML team to make one for the 1.0.4 firmware (they said it'll be available in the near future) but it would be great to know if someone has the old firmware available so I could satisfy my hunger for using ML for the time being, and also to stop feeling so stupid for upgrading my firmware while reading the entire ML user guide on it's awesome capabilities.


P.S. Wanted to post this on the ML forums but I can't seem to get an activation email sent to me no matter how many times I ask for a re-send.

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  1. AgentJJ

    That's where everything breaks down legally. Legally, the firmware cannot be distributed outside of Canon. Magic Lantern works diligently to make sure that they are within the bounds of the law.

  2. John F reporter

    Yeah that's what I was thinking too.

    I feel like asking Canon themselves for the firmware but they'd probably ask why I needed it or if there was any problem with the camera. Even if I did convince them that I needed it, they'd probably ask me to send it to the Canon Service Center for screening.

    I'm going to camp every single day in the ML forums for that 1.0.4 release. I can't contain my eagerness to use it.

    Thanks for the input!

  3. Giovanni Nanomad Condello

    @o0Lemon0o what's your forum username? I'm afraid there is no 1.0.1 firmware released by canon and we cannot build a "1.0.1" downgrade either.

  4. John F reporter

    I managed to fix the forum username issue.

    Yeah I guess i'll just have to wait for the 1.0.4 ML version. Thanks for the help!

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