550D last nightly builds camere doesn´t start

Issue #1574 resolved
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with the last nightly builds after 14th july the camere doesn.t start anymore.

red led permanently on

dslr controller from chainfire doesnt work too. but i m not sure if it is the fancy kernel on my nexus

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  1. dlrpgmsvc

    15 July works, 16 July doesn't.

    So, the only modifications made on 16 July was (you can check them here: https://bitbucket.org/hudson/magic-lantern/commits/all) :

    a1ex cb7f14c raw2dng: choose median6 interpolation by default 2013-07-16 a1ex 420103d dual_iso: disabled playback tricks for 7D 2013-07-16 a1ex 0f04edc cr2hdr/raw2dng: experimental interpolation 2013-07-16

    If you dig into these modifications by clicking on them, you can see they all are related to modules and external programs that 550D doesn't use and doesn't loads.

    The mistery is Beyond my knowledge: do there are other modifications not Witten in this log ? Otherwise I cannot see any clues

  2. dlrpgmsvc

    Found the problem and the solution, I will make a pull request shortly ! Thanks to mk11174 and Olev for their essential efforts !

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