HD output, full frame *all the time* (HDMI live view)

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http://vimeo.com/6618825 Great to see!

I will be using the 5D on top of a microscope to shoot HD micro-life. Works great. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoGkb_gZNLc

But need to focus-spool more precise then normal, so need to attach a big HD screen for preview while recording.

Also I want to send the HD signal to a video projector, during a performance on stage with a microscope... ;) (and record sometimes as well)

So, I'm looking for a constant natvie 1080 HDMI output from my 5D, without the 'magnifying frame' or 'rec-dot' in corner, or anything in the live view screen. Also I would love to see this HD signal full frame output, without the black borders/transparant frames around it...

Would that ever be possible?

Plz let me know, Ruben ruben[at]westframe.com

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