Crop Bars for external (smallHD OLED 7,7) HDMI Monitors off center and cut /not working...

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kuky simon created an issue

This is a Thread to figure out external Monitor CropBar placements and misalignments still occurring, making the use of external monitors almost useless. Help is still needed with doing so called image buffer dumps,explained below, so that Alex and others can try to make those frames on external monitor show up correctly when recording and when playing back. Please read through here and if you can follow the link to the steps how to do those dumps, its not code , and very simple to do, even for a non computer savy person..

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  1. kuky simon reporter

    its also in playback mode, there its even more off the placement and its cut the crop bars. ...they dont correspond the actual recorded crop in playback, the bars crop more in ,..... and are on left and right side cut off .

  2. Oliver Riedmann

    Great to have that issue put on the agenda!

    Actually - like everyone else using an external monitor - I have glued the recording frame on the monitor itself with adhesive tape.

    This has many disadvantages: Most of all, it's not very durable when it comes to dust or humidity; also it can't be changed easily or quickly.

    When I take a look at the position of the (wrong) frame while recording RAW, it seems like it's got a wrong offset due to the different resolution on the HDMI port. That's obvious since framing is correct when recording H.264 or activating the setting 'force SD HDMI'.

    So, a solution would be to change that offset to match the actual output resolution.

  3. kuky simon reporter

    Hi Guenter ;) that offset is not changeable in the smallHD units, only stretching is, which is not the correct way to go, the datastream from the Port should do the same thing it does for the internal LCD, and somehow it really is not. in many ways not. even the cropbars that come with ML seem to be to short on the sides in the view of a smallHD , there is a gap of 1 mm on the left and right of the whole seems all garbled up , all over the place whatever one does, there are many people who started individual threads here all over the place, and it seems no one is getting them together to contribute the issues in a group of sorts. i think thats why this issue has not really been worked on by anyone yet. i forced the HD feed to smaller res, but the whole image is unacceptably blurry then, no way to focus anymore .

  4. Oliver Riedmann

    You got me wrong.

    I do not want to change anything in the HDMI monitor, since the signal coming out of the camera is the problem.

    And that very problem somes from a wrong offset (at least, that's what I suppose). An offset is a relative distance from a zero point in a coordinate system. And the zero point from which ML computes it's overlays, menues, etc. changes obviously when you change the resolution of the entire frame. That's what happens when you attach an external HDMI-monitor.

    But I think, since the new resolution (1080p) is explicit, a new (matching) offset can be identified and automatically be changed depending on the HDMI-status.

  5. Oliver Riedmann

    It all seems to take place in the file 'raw_rec.c'.

    In line 774 you can find the function "static void cropmark_draw()". It takes the variables 'skip_x' and 'skip_y' to compute the position of the white or black recording frame. (It's size is still correct with HDMI.)

    Since these offset variables are also used later in the function "process_frame()" I feel certain these variables are correct.

    So, obviously just the dropmark_draw() function is doing something wrong, when HDMI is active.

    Well, I never did anything in C, so it would take take days for me to learn the ropes. Also, one would need to search for the necessary variables stating the HDMI status.

    However, someone well familiar with the code should easily and quickly be able to modify that very small function by adding a condition concerning HDMI.

  6. kuky simon reporter

    alex is naturally to busy doing tasks that are more important to him.

    how would i find out who here exactly would be able and interested in doing this? i did find alex started with this but only for the internal LCD.

    on another note: what i spotted is also that the internal LCD does NOT show 100% of the internal feed, it crops hight and width about 2-5% of whats really being fed internally to the internal LCD. --Hence when one uses an external monitor the existing cropmarks bars coming with ML, when used,...are all leaving a gap at the left and right side and sometimes at the top as well. this also means consequently that even for the internal display they are incorrect.

    so the sizing ground work for the internal LCD cropmark bars was already not precise.

  7. Oliver Riedmann

    THIS is where the offset is computed.

    But I can't find the source of the variable 'raw_info.active_area'. Since that's the one which must be changed for HDMI purposes. In my opinion...

    @kuky simon: didn't you offer a week to find out?

  8. Oliver Riedmann

    Cool! Thanks! It's surprising, how many things are hidden somewhere in this huge project :-)

    But, still I'm stuck with a.d.'s build for it's 1880 support on the 5D2. And there are also options to disable any overlays.

    But that's not the point. I do want to see my recording frame, and I want it to be computed correctly by ML. Since it already shows up on HDMI, adding some correct values is the next logical step.

    It's just, that I have no clue how this bitbucket works, yet. Also I never used C, although it looks familiar. The mathematical part behind at least is no challenge!

  9. stevefal

    I think there are folks working towards it. I just wanted to have something to use in the meantime.

  10. kuky simon reporter

    Steve, your latest file, ....lost the options to turn off Raw, as well as any options to change size of raw video higth and width.... you must have made a mistake and deleted something.... also right from start when booting canon 5dmark3 , a console log white framed window pops up overlaying the whole screen. sorry to say, i didnt even get to a place to test your module to see if the cropmarks are now in the right places....on an external HDMI Monitor...

  11. stevefal

    I'm not having those issues. Make sure you're using the right build of ML. I don't rebuild raw_rec every day, so you need to run it with the version of ML I list in the post.

  12. Oliver Riedmann

    Some more weird stuff, I found out about using a HDMI monitor:

    It's not just the white frame with the wrong offset. That offset is also used for overlays like peaking, zebras, etc.

    When the camera is ready to record RAW (lifeview activated) and I then attach a monitor for the first time, any overlays, including the white frame, are placed at top left (with the ever same wrong offset) but in the resolution of the internal monitor (so, the size of the overlays is quite small). Once I press record the overlays fill the monitor again, but are still misaligned.

  13. Leandro Silva

    I have the same problem with my Lilliput 669GL monitor attached to my 50D when recording raw. Ty for awesome features tho :D!

  14. stevefal

    This one issue is what prevents me from keeping up with ML builds. I'm still using a hacked version or rawrec based on an October '13 build, because external monitor support is critical for what I do. I happy to do earnest testing of fixes for this, as I'd love to catch up and take advantage of (and contribute to) current features and stability.

    I've tried to figure out a proper solution myself, but the ML transforms logic/math is like a Rubik's cube to my brain.

  15. Johanan Pandone

    I remember reading a post from g3ggo a while back where he said he didn't have an hdmi monitor to test with. I would really like to help solve this problem, I have dev environment set up and I can compile. If someone can tell me which values need to be tweaked to change the offset, I can sit at work and test values all day until I get it to line up properly. Or, we can pitch in and buy one of the devs a monitor to test with. Anyone interested in giving me a clue or pitching in on a monitor for the devs?

  16. stevefal

    I believe the monitor can be any HDMI display - it doesn't need to be a field monitor.

    As I understand it, the code in question is a series of #defines in vram.h. It's not quite as simple as "tweaking values" as the system that implements these metrics is a hierarchical set of definitions, any one of which can be used anywhere in the code. So one needs to really understand the intent behind the definitions, where they are used, and test for unintended consequences. It may be simpler that that, but again that would have to be determined by someone who understands it.

  17. Alex

    Basically, you need to fix the mapping between coordinates in BMP, LV, HD and RAW image buffers. These mappings are done with 2D homogeneous transformation matrices.

    Useful links:

    A hack for cropmarks is in cropmarks.c (look for bmp_draw_scaled_ex). Another useful function for troubleshooting is draw_cropmark_area from cropmarks.c.

    The stuff you need to change are in vram.c, update_vram_params, but I'm afraid it won't be enough to tweak some values. Fixing the matrices is required, but you need to be careful about certain ML code (e.g. cropmarks) which may assume the image buffers are 3:2, so you may end up drawing outside the image buffers - which may result in crashes.

    A suggestion I just made on the forum:

    "I recommend adding image buffer support to QEMU (maybe by loading image data from a DNG sequence) and using it to emulate the framing in various monitor configurations. Should be much easier than plugging the monitor cable back and forth, and it could also be used for automated tests on the nightly builds server, for example."

  18. Johanan Pandone

    Thanks Alex for pointing me to the relevant info yesterday. I have been looking at the VRAM geometry, maths, and stevefai's attempt. I'm pretty sure I understand how to draw now. I'm going to practice drawing on the various images buffers as the wiki suggests. This may seem like a silly question, but when reviewing stevefai's attempt, what do the lines highlighted in yellow represent?

  19. stevefal

    I thought I should write about this, because, for me, the issue is more complicated that "cropmarks off center".

    First let me explain that I like to mask the borders around the recorded region. I like framing the shot without seeing what's offscreen, because that's how the final piece will look. Despite the fact that I made a modified version of rawrec to align the cropmarks, I no longer use that feature. I use a bitmap and the Overlay/Cropmarks feature to show a black matte around the image, with a faint line at the edge to separate it from black video.

    I also shoot video that is slightly taller than my matte, so that in post-production I can re-frame shots vertically to some extent. I find this technique very valuable. So to recap, here is my current setup:

    • rawrec Oct 2013
    • RAW frame, say 1920x960 (2:1)
    • RAW video cropmarks OFF (my custom setting)
    • Overlay/Cropmarks ON with bitmap matte 1920x872 (2.2:1)

    Here are the issues I have today when trying to use this setup with MLV video, via external monitor:

    With Overlay/Cropmarks OFF:

    • RAW cropmarks are initially displayed in the correct place (I think), with black masking top/bottom, but not left/right.
    • RAW cropmarks do not refresh with changes to RAW dimensions - they are "stuck" until power cycled and/or disconnecting HDMI. This "stuck" state can affect non-external cropmarks as well.

    With Overlay/Cropmarks ON:

    • RAW cropmarks AND my bitmap cropmarks are display simultaneously.
    • The bitmap cropmarks are "stuck" as initially drawn, until power cycle and/or disconnecting HDMI.

    Sometimes drawn cropmarks are incorrect size (half-width) and/or offset up or down. I have not determined reliable repros, but it does happen.

    So for my own purposes, the most significant issue is with reliable drawing, refreshing and resetting the bitmap cropmarks. Here's what I'd like to see as a feature set for HDMI:

    1. Ability to turn off drawn cropmarks completely.
    2. Ability to display bitmap overlay (for my custom undersized cropmarks)
    3. Reliable display/refresh/reset, of all cropmarks (obviously)


    1. Ability for choose drawn cropmark dimensions independently of video frame size
    2. Masked cropmark borders, but fixed for HDMI (left/right masking)
    3. reliable drawing (of course)

    I don't think it's practical to try and fix incorrect metrics yet, because with the redrawing issues, you wouldn't be able to reliably test the effects of your changes.

  20. stevefal

    My comments are not to dissuade from solving the problems in VRAM.h, as I assume those are responsible for other HDMI alignment issues, such as RAW zebras being offset horizontally, and ETTR measurements missing parts of the image.

  21. Johanan Pandone

    I have also noticed that I must cycle power for bitmap cropmarks to display properly on hdmi. I think what you're saying is fix all the refresh issues first.

    First let's get the easiest solution that will enable hdmi users to see their framing properly (without breaking something else) then we can fix the rest.

    For me, bitmap cropmarks are aligned properly, it's just the little white rectangle (what you call raw cropmarks) that is misaligned. So if we can toggle this on and off, this will give us a workable solution to use in the field while we sort the real issues. The currently suggested workaround is to select greyscale preview and then the white rectangle is not drawn, but when you unplug your monitor to review playback, you now have to switch from greyscale back to canon.... So adding menu option to turn off white rectangle should be a useful workaround for this problem, and will remain useful for anyone using an external hdmi recorder that wants to record a full-frame proxy with ml infobars on top and bottom, but a clean image in the middle.

    so i agree with 1, I don't totally understand 2, you can already use custom bmp cropmarks, just set your raw recording resolution slightly larger than your custom cropmarks? and for number 3, I hope it's just a matter of forcing the buffers to refresh/redraw after hdmi cable is plugged or unplugged. Usually you can fix the display by entering and exiting menu, or zooming into 5x and back, or cycling power, so I would probably look at the way it's redrawn after exiting menu, and do the same thing after hdmi is connected/disconnected....

  22. stevefal

    I can kill the drawn cropmarks by commenting out mlvrec.c line 342 "set_movie_cropmarks(x, y, w, h);"

    With that change I can use bitmap-based mattes. I can switch bitmaps effectively, but I can't turn off the feature without turning off Overlays or power-cycling.

    So far I don't see how to clear the bitmap but I assume it's an oversight in the code when the selected bitmap transitions to null. I find cropmarks.c hard to read, partly because the word "cropmarks" is overloaded and used all over the place. A clear distinction between drawn marks and bitmap overlay would be helpful.

  23. Alex

    A nice way to get used to a foreign code base is by documenting the code and doing non-functional refactoring that improves readability (like renaming variables, or reordering the functions). That's what I did years ago, when I've started to dig into Trammell's code.

    Here you can find my notes from that era:

    Pull requests that simply increase readability (without any functional changes) are welcome BTW.

  24. Johanan Pandone

    Sorry, was editing my reply at work and got distracted, see above edits with more organized thoughts. Stevefai, thank you for all your input, this is very helpful. Alex, this is a great suggestion, it's a good time to clarify some of the comments as I'm learning.

  25. stevefal

    RE: "documenting the code"

    Of course, understanding C in general (which I don't), the code specifically (which I don't), and the underlying system/functions/architecture/tools (which I don't) are all necessary before I can begin to understand, let alone explain, something like cropmarks.c. Sometimes experts assume everyone understands stuff, but in this case, I don't. For me it's alchemy. Trial and error.

    For me, a far easier way to grok a foreign code base is for it to be well organized and documented in the first place - something better for the original developer to have done initially than for this amateur to attempt after the fact.

    Maybe some standard of organization and documentation should be a prerequisite for merging such significant bodies of code. What would take me days would probably take the original developer less than an hour. That process also helps uncover flaws.

    RE: "entering and exiting menu"

    This does not refresh bitmap cropmarks for me (5D3). It has no effect. I'm still trying to figure out how to clear bitmap cropmarks in the code by trial and error. However, truth be told, I can live with them being "stuck" since I generally run one way. If this workaround gets me to the latest build, I'll be happy(er).

  26. Johanan Pandone

    steve, I probably know less about "C" than you.... when you say "I can kill the drawn cropmarks by commenting out mlvrec.c line 342 "set_movie_cropmarks(x, y, w, h);"

    I don't think this is the right place to disable it, is this rectangle drawn in live view VRAM or bitmap VRAM?

  27. stevefal

    I don't claim anything "right" about what I did, just that it has the desired effect for me. I've read every line of cropmarks.c and I don't understand the theory of operation. Most core functions are undocumented, so I have no idea what's going on.

    Key concepts are mentioned but not explained: FAST, default cropmarks, cropmark cache, cropmark_step, black_bars_16x9, draw_cropmark_area(), cropmark_cache_get_signature, cropmarks_draw_frame, cropmarks_clear_last_frame. This is obviously a complicated system, and the original dev commented that it doesn't work for HDMI.

    Too bad really, because it's a regression from previous versions of ML, where bitmap overlays worked fine via HDMI. This is broken for both mlvrec and rawrec, and has been for a long time.

  28. Johanan Pandone

    ok here is an idea for a possible solution:

    static void refresh_cropmarks()
        if (lv_dispsize > 1 || raw_rec_should_preview(0) || !raw_video_enabled) 
          //int xhoffset = ?
    //int yhoffsett = ?
          // int xh = RAW2BM_X(skip_x)+(xhoffset);
           // int yh = RAW2BM_Y(skip_y)+(yhoffset);
            int x = RAW2BM_X(skip_x);
            int y = RAW2BM_Y(skip_y);
            int w = RAW2BM_DX(res_x);
            int h = RAW2BM_DY(res_y);
            //if (hdmi connected) 
           // { set_movie_cropmarks(xh, yh, w, h);
            set_movie_cropmarks(x, y, w, h);

    what do you think?

  29. Alex

    That's an workaround, not a solution. The transformation matrices already have a translation component; that one has to be fixed.

  30. Alex

    Got something that does not require coding skills; only time (ranging from a few minutes to a few hours) and bandwidth to upload the results.

    I'm looking for VRAM dumps from various monitor configurations (this includes monitor type, monitor resolution, recording resolution, PAL/NTSC setting, recording/standby, zoom, photo... the complete list is in the above link). As you can see from the code, the number of possible combinations is... not exactly exponential, just polynomial (around 1500). So, you can try only the video modes you use, and if enough users are participating, I hope to get a fairly good coverage for commonly used modes.

    To take the images, grab the current nightly build and select Debug->Dump image buffers.

    When uploading, make sure you keep the directory structure (make a zip, for example). I'll use the path names in QEMU for loading the dumps.

    Feel free to re-post on the forum, hopefully more people will participate.

  31. Johanan Pandone

    Alex, just to be sure I understand, you want (play photo, play movie, liveviewX5, liveviewX10) X (canon Q 1080, canon Q 720, canon Q 480) X (each display type, hdmi,sd, lcd) this should provide about 36 dumps right? Should this be done twice (with and without mlvrec module running?)

    Is it sufficient to just use max resolution in each raw mode? or do you need different raw resolutions as well?

    BTW, I have access to 7D, 550D, 600D, and 5D2 so I want to provide a complete set for each camera (I plan to do one per night until all four are done) If SteveFai can provide 5D3 then with these five cameras, this should be a good start!

  32. Alex

    You don't need to use any raw recorder (this doesn't change the video mode).

    For one camera, you have roughly (11 modes standby + 4 or 5 while recording H.264) x (5 display types) = around 75 dumps. Maybe more if you want to play back each video resolution (though I don't know how to identify them yet, so I'll probably assume 1080p in play mode).

    Yes, that would be a very good start. These dumps will make possible some automated tests via QEMU, maybe to be run at every nightly (or weekly) build, and while developing, you can see fairly quickly the effect of a change, on all emulated cameras (in any case, much quicker than having to swap the cable back and forth to test each small code change).

  33. stevefal

    "As you can see from the code" Sheesh.

    Could someone please describe the matrix clearly - in English?

  34. Johanan Pandone

    Steve, I'm going to do all the dumps for the 7D tonight. I will write out what I'm doing step by step so that everyone can follow along.

  35. kuky simon reporter

    Thanks Johanan, i would love to see the steps to do, i didn't understand all that Alex described very clearly. i can do this with a mark3 and a OLED small HD 7,7. i actually walked away for months from Magic Lantern, since without a Monitor one can't seriously film a TV commercial and not be in 100% control with a monitor during filming. I cross fingers this Pro Feature here gets implemented soon, so it works. and then i cross fingers it doesn't get yanked out again...

  36. kuky simon reporter

    does it matter which firmware version is on the mark3 for this ? i have intentionally stayed on the 113 , for this 123 is a new ML,.. and its impossible to find out , what exactly does work or doesnt compared to the 113 canon firmware ML version.

  37. Markus Haraldsson

    As far as I know there is only alignment problems with 123 firmware. At least that's the case for me with my 5d3 with zacuto evf.

  38. Michael Anthony

    No.. the same alignment issues exist for me on firmware 113... using 5D3 and SmallHD DP4 monitor.

  39. Markus Haraldsson

    Have you tryed the different display modes in ml menu 4:3 / 16:9 the right setting there should fix this for you on 113. Sorry I can't recall exactly what that option is called right now.

  40. Markus Haraldsson

    Had the same issue with my zacuto evf until I discovered that setting in ml menu. Interesting that it does not work with your monitor. What aspect ratio is your screen?

  41. kuky simon reporter

    Johanan, Alex, i understand Johanan list instructions , which is 22 dumps and 22 dumps with a monitor thats 44 fo them. Alex, i do NOT understand your list. Johanan ,would you mind updating your list so you end up with 80 dumps and not just 44 ? it seems you understand what alex is writing, may be you can translate for us and make your list those 80 Alex needs? also,.... i dont have dropbox, what other ways is there to get it to youAlex? wetransfer link may be ?

  42. Johanan Pandone

    Did you do the hdmi dumps with the output (under advanced) set to "force hdmi > VGA" ?

    Did you run throught the dumps again with an SD monitor attached (not hdmi, use the canon RCA video cable)

  43. kuky simon reporter

    Here the Dumps with forced VGA here through wetransfer :

    Available until 6 July, 2014 Download link :

    i don't have a SD monitor, nor will i ever buy one,.... The Canon mark3 LCD internal screen has more resolution than an external SD Monitor. then a Lupe is what anyone would use instead of staring at a bigger screen and really low and really bad out of focus resolution.

    i threw away all those RCA cables as well, its 80's technology.. no need anymore of this low res stuff.

  44. kuky simon reporter

    so many days of silence, has the Effort not lead to any results? Does this need more help from others? is it being stopped now this attempt to fix this?

  45. kuky simon reporter

    Alex, will you be able to fix the issue for the HDMI signal and the MArk3 "without" having to wait for lower res and older canons dumps? its been a year now since i started this thread on bitbucket , and it seems over 2000 people have read this thread here , which was only started a month ago. i think this shows people are watching this issue very closely... and are interested in it ... right?

  46. Johanan Pandone

    Alex, I think kuky's issue is unique, I have not been able to reproduce the behavior -He cannot use any of the suggested workarounds because his custom cropmarks disappear when he hits record , and he checked that global draw is allowed in the raw menu, is this the expected behavior for 5D3? I tried my best to figure it out, but I am stumped....

  47. kuky simon reporter

    Thanks Johanan , all cropbars react the very same way, not only the few custom ones i made. if it helps i could film with my iphone when trying to record and play back footage , so you can see for yourself whats going on really. it is very possible i missed explaining something, and you might spot such a thing on such an iphone video, looking at the monitor and canon mark3 while operating it. Johanan , you dont have a mark3 ,right ? .......did you borrow one to try to reproduce my issues? ......or did your try with your own mark2 to try to reproduce my issues?..sorry..just wanted to double check this..

  48. Johanan Pandone

    I dont have access to mk3, I tried on 7D and 50D and both of them work as expected, perhaps you can make 1 more video that shows all your menu settings, (overlay/cropmarks settings, raw record settings, and display menu settings/advanced menu) if you can show all your settings, followed by the behavior when you press record, and show what firmware/ML build you are using I think this will be helpful for Alex. It will be good to focus on your disappearing cropmarks for now, because I think this is a unique problem you are having that you may be able to find a fix for soon. the misalignment stuff will take some time and everybody is experiencing that so it is kind of the expected behavior)

  49. kuky simon reporter

    Hi Johanan,....of course you couldn't reproduce my issues, need to borrow a mark3 with a good external HDMi monitor.... only then you would have a proper way of actually comparing and reproducing these issues. the hardware is totally different inside those models,.... sorry you wasted your time....

    you know, so far you have seen already on my videos with the settings you just asked for and the results when recording and playing back , look here:

    but i gladly will do this again .... specifically of course for these observations . may be there you can spot something i might have missed seeing..

  50. Johanan Pandone

    monitor does not matter, as long as it accepts 1080 hdmi signal, behavior will be the same. Camera hardware does not matter. They are running same code base, behavior should be the same.

    I know all this was covered in your previous videos, but you asked questions about misalignment and several other well-documented issues. I am just suggesting that you make a new video that focuses on the issue of disappearing cropmarks and shows all the relevant settings so that someone else can pick up where I left off. (I cannot help you beyond what I've already suggested)

  51. Alex

    I'd say most of this stuff is solved. Please review this pull request and let me know what remaining issues are.

    It will be in the next nightly for 5D3-123 (where HDMI support was totally broken), and - if the reviewers agree - in the all other nightly builds.

    I was hoping somebody else would do this change, that's why I kept explaining how to do it, and linking to relevant documentation. That's quite sad - after all these years, ML project as an open source community is still in the stone age.

  52. stevefal

    Thanks a1ex. I think the issue is that not everyone has the intellect to address every code issue, certainly not every one you understand - not by a long shot. I don't think a successful group is where every member can do any job, but when each member has unique skills that, when brought together, create a broad range of capability.

    Professionally, I was a UI designer and program manager. I code sometimes, but it is a struggle and always will be. Nonetheless, I hope you've seen my willingness to put skin in the game when the task is something I'm capable of. I would have fixed these issues if I had the ability. I am still using a Sept '13 build!

    I could always see that you were trying to nudge others to solve this. It must have been frustrating with no takers, but it was also frustrating to know that you could solve it so much more easily than I. The time I spent flailing at it could have been spent doing something for ML that I'm actually good at. And I've essentially been an ML orphan all this time. Being stuck on an old version made new topics somewhat irrelevant to me, and the prospect of contributing uninteresting unless I could also backport to my version.

    I think the ML community is unusual in that the tool is so valuable, many people who'd otherwise not be exposed to an open source project are here poking around and chiming in. Because of this, there is the appearance of many unwilling. The fact is most are just unable - fish out of their water.

    Anyway, I really appreciate your doing this. I will definitely be putting it through the paces, and I really hope I can switch to ML Aug '14!

  53. Markus Haraldsson

    I would also like to say that I hear your frustration and to thank you for this fix! Finally I can switch over to 123 =). Works perfectly with my zacuto EVF when 3:2 aspect is set in ML menu. Awsome work!

  54. Johanan Pandone

    Hey Kuky, did you delete the vram dump I uploaded to this issue for Alex?

    Also, how has your experience been with the recent changes?

  55. kuky simon reporter

    Johanan you attached a file to my starting paragraph to this case here, instead to your comments below, not sure how you were able to attach something to my personal account and personal message here at the beginning, but you should attach files to your own message not other people messages... dont you think?--i already talked to you about this and now you forgot it? ;)

  56. kuky simon reporter

    Johanan--Yes, i thought it was a virus someone attached there, someone who must have hacked into my account , in the world were you able to attache it to my text at the beginning??

    Hi Alex: I am testing ML (version sept 1) and Mark3 on 113, and its somewhat strange, how it loads and sometimes it doesn't load the cropbars.... even when removing the battery and doing such exercises to reboot it all, it sometimes places the cropbars and sometimes doesn't.....Playback raw still shows rainbow lined bars on top and bottom.... recording seems to show most of the time the cropbars, when it works, although, a few pixels of the whole image are cropped off on the left ... still testing more. The histogram mostly doesn't want to pop up on LCD monitor, although its optioned on , its erratic when it shows and when it doesn't come up on the screen. if i turn off raw module, the cropbars sometimes show sometimes don't show... i have to reboot a few times to make them show up on "non raw" recording. is there a log file i can produce for you to see possible issues there? i would be happy to do those anytime..

  57. stevefal

    Rawrec or MLVrec? I have not seen the issues you describe.

    Are you using a default ML configuration? If not, maybe you can save off your config and try again. If the problems go away, reload your config and start turning things off to isolate the problem?

  58. kuky simon reporter

    ML raw version 2 module and without the module loaded as well (when in shooting 264 but still in ML) ... ok will try in default mode,... i guess there must be an option to reset back to default then..

  59. kuky simon reporter

    config files are the preferences settings for all options i am making , ...i assume,...and renaming them will keep them there in case i want to get back to them i assume....

  60. Johanan Pandone

    FYI, anyone who is a registered user of bitbucket can attach a file to this issue thread, and it will appear at the top of the thread.

    Also, I would suggest that you backup the contents of your card, and then format it and do a fresh install of ML

  61. kuky simon reporter

    Johanan...i always do a formating of my cards before each testing or usage...of course...who wouldn't do this.... and a fresh install of ML... especially when it's a new nightly built...

    you had added several things to your comments in your personal sections in the past, to be able to ad an item to the first paragraph of an issue started here, to someone else's comments that is, is odd to say the least...

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