5D Mkii Battery Drain

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I just recently loaded ML onto my 5D about a month ago. Last week and again this morning, I went to an event to use it and both batteries were 0%. I've had batteries last 2 weeks without using them before. It seems like I occasionally see the blue light shine even when the camera is OFF. Is there a setting to make SURE it's off? Or is it a bug?

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  1. engardeknave

    My batteries have been draining themselves with the camera off since I started using ML--maybe a year ago? I have become acclimated to always removing the batteries. Two months ago I failed to do this however and both batteries (in battery grip) completely drained. That was the last time I tested it, but there has never been a time when I've left the batteries in and they didn't completely drain. It doesn't seem like other people have this problem, so it makes me wonder if it could have something to do with the battery grip. I'm using a 5D2 and I keep up with the nightlies.

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