650d 1.0.4 PicoC script not working

Issue #1588 wontfix
Former user created an issue

Since I've upgraded ML to the latest version (August 10 on Canon 1.0.4 firmware), PicoC script doesn't work anymore : when I hit run, the camera switch back to shooting screen and display at the bottom "Script running SET (show/hide)". And when I click SET, nothing shows-up (and no actions are performed by the script). I need to remove the battery to stop the script execution (ML attempt to terminate it fail).

I've tried out with all the 1.0.4 ML versions for 650d, and none of them runs PicoC scripts.

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  1. Giovanni Nanomad Condello

    Scripts are being removed anyway, we are keeping them for reference only unti someone can port them to modules or similar.

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