Add ability to save and load multiple configuration files

Issue #1592 resolved
ahagge created an issue

It would be fantastic if we could have the ability to save and load multiple configuration files, and choose the current one from a menu.

Use case: I use my camera in a variety of ways, many of which need very different settings. For example:

  • Sports
  • Landscape panoramas
  • HDR photography
  • Daytime time-lapse (clouds, etc)
  • Nighttime time-lapse (star trails, meteor showers)

Ideally, I should be able to develop a set of Magic Lantern settings specific to each task and be able to save them to different config files, then recall them from a "Select Configuration" menu. It would greatly speed up setup for a specific task, as well as reduce the possibility of error due to forgetting to set something.

Perhaps they could be saved by default as 1.cfg, 2.cfg, etc., but if renamed by a PC to an 8.3 filename, they could be displayed in the menu by their filename (sans ".cfg", ie. SPORTS.cfg would become "SPORTS" on the menu, PANO.cfg would be "PANO", etc.