Focus Stacking with HDR bracketing

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Scenario: ML 2.3 on 5D2; HDR bracketing set to 3 frame fixed plus minus 2EV; Focus Stacking enabled with "here" being the closer focus point and far point set on infinity to result in 5 focus plane shots (as indicated by ML); Trigger for shutter release is "take a pic" in focus stack menu; using cable release; camera set on single exposure/single frame per release

Intent is to do multiple consistent HDR/focus stacks sets with a panorama head sweep;

Effect: Sequence starts with momentary push of cable release; Number of pictures taken per shooting position is not consistent, some shoots are not exposure bracketed and some focus planes (end point) are dropped; I cannot observe any inconsistencies doing exp bracketing or focus stacking separately on their own on same exposure settings/scenario

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