Canon 5dMK3 RAW video stops after 50 frames or so

Issue #1599 invalid
Former user created an issue

nightly build: Magic Lantern August 6th (32338f9) v.2.3.NEXT . 2013Aug06.5D3113

CF card used: Sandisk 60mb/s

Frame size recording: 1280x720 (listed 36.8mb/s)

It states that there is a bug and I need to report it when it automatically stops around 50+ frames.

Early stop (20) is what it says also after 97 frames on a 960x540 dimension (listed at 28.7 mb/s)

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  1. findamirloungin

    I found the problem. In the Canon menu under the yellow wrench the "record func+card..." was set to record on both cards. duh!

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