650D - no clean video output via USB to external monitor

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Hi ML team, we use our 650D for aerial video and use an analog wireless transmitter patched to the camera's USB port to send a live view image to the ground. This works fine while running on Canon's software. However, with ML activated, the camera outputs a somehow viewable image, but with lots of alternating horizontal red lines. The recorded image on the SD card is great though! It'd be great if you could look into this. (On a side note, we used to have lots of artifacts while panning, but with ML installed, this has gotten way better. So, Kudos to you!)

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  1. David Newbury

    I have the issue described on my EOS M. (No wireless stuff like the previous comment, just a straight connection from the camera to an analog monitor).

    Analog video out works fine with all of the ML features turned off. However, if I turn on the Focus Peaking feature I get the horizontal red lines and no focus peaking dots.

    If anyone is aware of why this might be happening and if it is only a quick fix, having focus peaking on external analog monitors would be handy.

    Thanks for all the work you guys do on ML!! It is epic.

  2. David Newbury

    In order: 1. Camera screen with no focus peaking 2. Monitor with no focus peaking 3. Camera with focus peaking 4. Monitor with focus peaking


  3. David Newbury

    No problem, plus the number of people using an analog monitor with an eos-m is probably pretty limited. :P If there is a bug list somewhere that it could be added to that would be great. Regardless, cheers for replying.

  4. Alex

    Note to self: this is unusual, as the HD buffer size is no longer hardcoded in ML since 2012...

    On older builds (2016), you have an option to choose the image buffer used for focus peaking ("High-res" or "Low-res"). Does that option have any effect on external monitor output?

  5. David Newbury

    Hi Just a quick update.

    I was considering buying a hdmi monitor to resolve this issue, however, I just tested this on a hdmi monitor and had the same issue. Just in case people thought it was an issue only with analog monitors.

    Cheers David

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