eosM installation ML aborted

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Hi When i I have an eosm with eosm-v202-win.zip firmware I try to install ML from here http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=3648.0 I load magiclantern-EOSM.106.Alpha1.zip I put on manual mode/ I format low level my SD card/ i clear all settings/i copy all the files from C:\download\magiclantern-EOSM.106.Alpha1 I update the firmware I see the brown page "loading..." 1second and after the green light flashes for 15minutes without anything else. I tried with an other card : same result. I tried to put the other lens : same . Is there a specific magiclantern-EOSM XXX.fir for eosm-v202-win.zip firmware? Many thanks

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  1. One Percent

    uhm yea... you can't do 1.06 boot flag fir on 2.02... the forum thread has the latest, somebody even made a pack with the installer.

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