Module config is saved even if config auto save is off

Issue #1611 resolved
Marsu42 created an issue

I'll file this under "it's a bug, not a feature": the module config options seem to be saved no matter what, even if config_autosave = 0. This is a problem because it's a) inconsistent and b) prevents you to try settings with an easy way to fall back to known good settings by rebooting ml.

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  1. Marsu42 reporter

    Um, I last tried with 959574d from yesterday - has anything changed since then? And more important, since you're asking at all, do you think the modules aren't saved when autosave is off, so the "bug" I'm experiencing is not the behavior you'd expect?

  2. Marsu42 reporter

    Fail :-> ... but I can say I only submitted this bug shortly after the commit, and have been thinking about submitting it for ages :-p

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