Liveview Zoom Tweaks Halfshutter 10x Zoom Crashed

Issue #1619 wontfix
Former user created an issue

When making photos in Liveview Video Mode and making some Photos Canon 5D Mk3 randomly crashes. Battery must be taken out and crashlog is written. Sometimes the Zoom does suddenly no more work after some photos.. sometimes it crashes.

Liveview options: Zoom 5x disabled Zoom 10x On Increase Sharpcontrast On Zoom on Halfshutter On Zoom with Focusring Off Zoom with old button Off

Thx Sw

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  1. swinxx reno

    hi, ok i found the problem. my deflickering was turned on.. and after the shot the deflickering script is running. when i push half shutter in that moment. the cam sometimes freezes.. when it didnt freeze, the zoom is no more working.


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