magiclantern.cfg not read on 550d

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This needs verification from others (it may be my own error), but changing variables in the magiclantern.cfg file does not seem to affect the camera at all.

For instance, I was testing manual gain control, and found that if I changed Dgain to any arbitrary value other than 18 (say, 10), the display at the bottom would still read "Dgain 18/18," and my levels would be the same as if I had never changed the variable.

Trammell says that there may be a problem with the normal firmware overwriting these values as soon as they are changed. This may be the source of the problem. Once a simple menu system is integrated to change variables on-the-fly, this problem may disappear.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    I am experiencing the same behaviour. But I think that you are absolutly right about the reason of this problem. I stay put and wait for future versions that fix this. If you need special values, then you might need to make your own autoexec. I am quite happy with this default values and a Sennheiser mke 440.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    I meant to list this as a bug. I should have made an account. Oh well, at least it's out there. I forgot a lot of data... wow. I'll make sure to be more thorough next time.

  3. Jergling

    Any official comments on this? I'd really like to be able to record audio at reasonable levels. The most I can get when recording voice is -30db

  4. Jergling

    This problem has been addressed by Phil, but not committed to the repository yet. Presumably, if he gets the code committed, this will be in the next release.

    It turns out that the file name was too long, and the firmware needs to be rewritten to look for a shorter name. It's all good news. I'm leaving this bug "open" until the official release, though. Great job Phil, thanks!

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