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I used the expo.lock. A potentially very useful function. I experienced a bug in the following scenario (and other similar scenario's): Series of stills starting with 1/60; F/4; ISO 400 - Changing aperture by means of the wheel: F/4 - 1/60- 400ISO (ISO stays fixed) F4.5 - 1/50 F5.0 - 1/50 - notice the Shutter stays fixed image is darker F5.6 - 1/30 -
F6.3 - 1/25

Maybe it has some dependency with the ML function Aperture (fine tuning)? Testing with that function does not seem to express this bug.

Problem seems similar to the following closed bug: http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=4847.msg28786#msg28786

settings: Canon 60D; live view off; Manual mode; changing exposure/aperture outside ML menu using the 2 september ML version night build Exp.lock on: AV / ISO on Tv off

24-105 IS L lens

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