LCD "blinks/flickers" between remaining exposures and count-down timer with 5d2

Issue #1622 new
l_allan created an issue
  • 5d2 with Sep 1 nightly build
  • minor annoyance ... LOOOOOOW priority
  • Taking sunrise panos with HDR enabled (may or may not matter)
  • 10 second count-down timer chosen
  • While in "count-down" phase before shutter activations, LCD field for "Remaining exposures" flips rapidly back and forth between "seconds remaining" and "remaining exposures".
  • Count-down of remaining seconds works fine on "top" LCD
  • HTH

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  1. Alex

    When remaining exposures is less than 999, the overriden text should not be displayed. However, this will only make it less likely to happen, but not solve it.

    Proper fix is hard:

    • detect when the 10-second timer is running
    • are there other situations when the override text should not be displayed?
    • general flexinfo flicker fix (without killing GUI timers!)
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