5d2 nightly builds don't seem to include DUAL_ISO.MO

Issue #1623 resolved
l_allan created an issue

See: http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=8035.msg72500#msg72500

My speculation is that there may be some script that is the equivalent to nightly-5d2-build.mak that leaves out DUAL_ISO.MO

Or not?

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  1. l_allan reporter

    DUAL_ISO.MO still missing from Nightly-5d2-Build on Sep 7, 2013. Obviously I'm either being even slower that usual, or unclear on the concept. Is there some standard place to find the latest/greatest DUAL_ISO.MO module?

  2. l_allan reporter

    With help from tron (freshman ... thanks), I was able to find the Sep 4 build of DUAL_ISO.mo buried inside 6bb97bcbc0f4.zip. My uninformed speculation is this is the latest/greatest. The previous Aug 30 DUAL_ISO.mo was part of af839274b1fa.zip.

    Perhaps the person (Hudson?) who puts together the .zip's could use a more descriptive name, like modules.zip?

    A'la: OSX_cr2hdr_app.zip WIN_cr2hdr_exe.zip OSX_cr2hrd.zipo WIN_cr2hdr.zip

    Or, even better, something like: YYMMDD_modules.zip

    Sorry for the grumbling/whining.

    I'm still unclear (actually baffled) why the 5d2 nightly builds include modules like ettr.mo and raw_rec.mo, but not dual_iso.mo

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