BMP screenshot invalid

Issue #1626 resolved
gotar created an issue

Taking a screenshot for #1625 I'd got VRAM0.BMP starting with 0x18 0x02 0x98 0x19 which was not recognized as valid BMP. I've had to manually change these to "BM.F" magic. Nightly 2013-09-06.

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  1. gotar reporter

    Moreover, the BMP files are too large - they are 346678 bytes padded with 0x00 and issue a warning like this: convert: length and filesize do not match `VRAM0.BMP' @ error/bmp.c/ReadBMPImage/791.

  2. Giovanni Nanomad Condello

    Can you check the latest builds? Screenshot code has been rewritten from the ground up

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