Pink autozoom on specific conditions

Issue #1629 resolved
gotar created an issue

This one is tricky... One need to: 1. enable histogram (even if exposure simulation is off! settings doesn't matter), 2. enable clearing overlays on half shutter, 3. enable zoom on half shutter, 4. disable len's AF, enter LV,

half-press shutter; preview get's magified 10 times and pink-ified. I got this reproducible on yesterday's nightly (06.09), however I remember seeing this for the first time on manual 5x magnification (not the 10x).

PS. shouldn't "magic zoom/zoom on ..." be changed to "magnification" to distinguish len's zoom having impact on actual framing to some piece of that frame temporarily displayed "magnified"?

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  1. Alex
    • changed status to open

    Wait, you mean in photo mode, not raw video. The raw flag stays enabled (and the pink side effect is only visible on old cameras that have this canon bug).

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