Early Stop (9) RAW Rec. 5D Mark III

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Got a new Komputerbay Card 1050x 128GB. Sometime while recording I get the message "Early Stop (9) This is a bug please report. I'm using the August 21th build Card format is exFat

I used a Komputerbay 1000x 64GB without any problem.

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  1. PeterRz

    Also getting early stop on RAW_rec on my 5d mark ii with a lexar 1000x 32gb + magiclantern-v2.3.NEXT.2014Feb14.5D2212

    MLV_rec seems to work ok.

  2. DMS

    I just got off a shoot with a rented 5D mark iii shooting RAW 1080p 24fps using Lexar 1000x 128gb card and preview out through HDMI. Not positive which ML build was installed, checking with rental company to get that info shortly. After about three hours of shooting, the camera shut stopped and gave an error: Dropped frame and Camera stopped automagically. We tried powering down, swapping batteries, swapping cards but the RAW function froze every time. Finally, I removed the HDMI cable and the the RAW function worked the rest of they day.

    I'm not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but it about gave our crew a heart attack.

  3. Kyle Teal

    I don't know why it is fixed on my camera, but basically I disabled mlv_rec and mlv_snd, rebooted and recorded just fine using raw_rec. then I reenabled those 2 and disabled raw_rec and rebooted, then recorded fine using mlv, then i reenabled raw_rec and everything seems to work fine now with all 3 enabled. not sure what happened but it is fixed for now.

  4. Alex

    No, it's only about the raw recording. I estimate the card writing speed to decide the best block size, and this early stop occurs if I underestimate the card speed.

    It's not a big issue; without this bug, it could probably squeeze a few more frames.

  5. Audionut

    Perhaps I can remove the user feedback, or at least change it then. In it's current state, the flood of duplicates is to great.

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