Disable Bootflag on a 5D Mark 3

Issue #1638 resolved
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After installing the modified fw which enable the bootflag - there is now way to disable it again. Here we need a special .FIR which can disable the bootflag again.

(Maybe with call("DisableBootDisk")) ?

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  1. don_peer

    I get what others are saying about ML not wanting to place this high on the priority list because of the importance of other things, but wouldn't having many more adopters of ML be one of the most important things? and I wonder if this is a forest for the trees thing. I have many associates who will not load the app because of this very issue. If the issue was fixed, they would load the app, adopt the app and most likely support the app.

  2. don_peer

    Sorry, I should qualify. I am referring to the disabling bootflag issue. Although, the corresponding eye-fi card problem, would also be a show stopper for others. It is a shame though, that one roadblock without any form of detour, other than turning around, can limit the adoption of such an amazing catalogue of work.

  3. Giovanni Nanomad Condello

    This is fixed in the 5D3-123 branch

    cc @a1ex Please close this once it gets merged

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